Canadian Rockies Landscape

Our clients yard was sloughing into the alley and their fence was toppling over. They needed to construct a retaining wall but not just any wall.  They needed a wall that could withstand potential vandalism, that varied in height, could hold a fence and would not compromise a mature tree in the corner of their yard.

The solution – Flex MSE – Vegetated Wall System. Flex MSE is a patented engineered solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control. Flex MSE allowed us to retain their yard, without damaging the nearby mature tree and to construct a cedar fence on top. The Flex MSE bags were planted with Creeping Thyme and Snow in Summer and fitted with drip irrigation. The pictures show you the initial installation of the plants and now about a month later the plants are thriving and the clients have a beautiful innovative solution to their retaining wall challenges.

Living Retaining Wall
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Instillation of Flex MSE - a vegetated retaining wall.
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