Canadian Rockies Landscape


About Us

Canadian Rockies Landscape (CRL) offers artistic and visionary landscape design and construction in the East Kootenays. Through an extensive consultation process with our clients, we create a finished product that showcases nature’s beauty combined with a functional and inspired design. With more than forty years’ experience in the industry, our staff are true craftsmen, willing and able to build an investment that keeps growing.
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Why Choose Us

Delivering on your landscape in all its detail can take a lot of planning and creativity. We work closely with you, the client, to ensure that every creative options is put on the table before starting the core work.
Your landscape is a reflection of your personality and interests but they are equally reflective in the practical ways in which you use it.
With 40+ years of experience in the local landscaping industry we not only have the skills and experience to do the job right, but we also are aware of the intricacies involved with does and does not work in our region.
We stand behind everything we do because it is a reflection of pride we take in our work. We strive to ensure you feel that same sense of pride once your project is complete!
With many long-term relationships with our on-going clients in the Kootenay region, we have established an excellent reputation based on top tier customer services and the successful completion of many beautiful, outstanding projects.

Our Clients Say