Service: Gardens, Plants & Turf

Gardens, Plants & Turf

Living Plants – a sea of green.

Photos of Gardens, Plants & Turf

Typically called soft-scaping, this type of landscaping is the fun stuff: living plants that draw you outside into your space. Luxurious, thick lawns that invite people to take their shoes off and stay awhile… well designed gardens that draw the eye to hidden gems and beautiful specimen plants. Soft scaping highlights the homeowner’s personality while increasing curb appeal and house value.

Turf Installation

A “golf course” lawn starts with proper grading and good top soil, whether grown from seed or laying sod. No grass grows without adequate nutrients and water uptake – CRL has the experience and knowledge to help you grow a healthy and toe-tickling lawn.


Designer gardens are specialty gardens like Cottage Gardens, Modern Mountain and Xeriscaping. These “themed” gardens can attract birds and butterflies with specific plant selection. Beautiful to behold, this is where the clients style and lifestyle drive the process and create unique one-of-a kind space.

Harvest Gardens

A beautiful bountiful garden – nothing is more rewarding than growing and harvesting your own vegetables. We can help you to install raised planter beds, vegetable beds, speciality mass berry patches, orchard fruit trees and more.

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